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Look Fresh this Fathers Day! | Father’s Day Medspa Specials


No need to let the phrase “Dad Bod” mean anything negative! Get in with Amerejuve MedSpa to snag these great deals and look your absolute BEST on your special day and every day after! From smooth hairless skin to smooth clean skin we have all the benefits to stay looking like the young man you are!

Botox isn’t just for women! Botox is for everyone looking to stay young forever! Wanting your face to look good is something everyone has in common, and with this great $9.99/unit sale, you’ll definitely have all the other dads jealous they didn’t have the same idea!

Ditch the chest and back hair by the pool this year with our Laser Hair Reduction T-Shirt package! Get your dad bod looking fresh, clean and smooth with 6 treatments for only $1,200.00! You’ll never have to worry about those back hairs you can’t reach!!

You also can’t forget about the facial hair! Want to look fresh, clean and smooth all the time and not worry about nasty razor cuts or burns? Check out the $500 6 treatment Laser Hair Reduction Face package! Get rid of those pesky dark hairs that no longer suit you! It’s quick, easy, and so worth it!

And once you’ve done yourself justice with the Face Laser Hair Removal, treat your new clean skin to 3 Rejuvenating Chemical Peels for only $375!! No better way to feel your best than to LOOK YOUR BEST! We all know when we look good, we feel good!

Treat your special man this Fathers Day and have him look his best and feel his best every day! … and women, these sales can be for you too! We all know happy wife, happy life!!!

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