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Laser treatments | Houston, TX | Marietta, GA

Here at Amerejuve we are well known for providing a ton of laser hair removal treatments. Most of our clients come in for that specific treatment. While it is popular, there are a few other laser treatments we provide. Most of these are recommended for people with skin types I-III. If you have a very fair or light skin type IV, we can cautiously do a test spot to see if you’re a candidate for any of the following treatments.

Photofacials, which remove sun spots or hyperpigmentation, are done with the same laser we use for hair removal. It is quick and effective. The technician just has to change a few settings, and perhaps a hand piece and the laser beam will now be attracted to your skin pigmentation and not the hair. This is great for people who want to get rid of dark spots and clear up the appearance of their skin tone. The treatment is relatively comfortable but you will feel more heat than you do during hair removal. Your technician can cool your face before or during treatment with cool compresses and after treatment with aloe vera gel or another post laser product. You must always protect your skin from the sun while getting the series of treatments to prevent burning and more sun damage. After treatment you will feel warm, might be pink, and experience some feelings similar to slight sunburn. During this time be sure to stay hydrated and moisturized to avoid dryness and scarring. Over the next few days the pigmentation will come to the surface and flake off over the course of a couple weeks. Usually the face clears up sooner because our skin cell turnover on the face is quicker than on the body. Treatments are recommended 3-4 weeks apart, at least 3 times for optimal results.

Another laser treatment we offer is vein removal. This is not for large veins or varicose veins. It only helps with small, broken capillaries or spider veins. We can treat anywhere on the body and face. This is very quick and relatively painless. You will feel a little heat and a needle prick type sensation. The laser beam is attracted to the blood in this procedure which then causes the vein to collapse in on itself. You will experience what seems to be bruising but it is not a bruise in the way you are used to seeing. Your body then heals this injury by absorbing the vein tissue and blood. You will notice the vein immediately disappear, turn white or even pink, but might look like it worsens over the next few days. This is normal as your body works to remove the leftover pieces. You will likely need more than one treatment to make sure all the veins get cleared up. Usually veins clear up with a very desirable result.

We also have laser treatments which can tighten the skin and soften the appearance of fine lines. Some clients may even experience an improvement in stretch marks. This treatment is done using the same equipment, again changing settings or hand pieces. The way it works is by creating a controlled thermal injury which stimulates your body’s collagen. Because we need to create heat we cannot cool the skin before, during or after treatment. This is a bit more uncomfortable and takes a little longer than other laser treatments. Your technician will draw some grid lines on the areas and stack pulses till the right temperature is reached and sustained. They will use an infrared thermometer throughout the treatment. When you’re done, keep the area moisturized and stay hydrated. And as always, protect yourself from the sun! These are also recommended 3-4 weeks apart, for at least 3 sessions. Results with this treatment are not easily predicted, and unfortunately some people will not reach the results they thought they would get. For this reason we recommend a consultation so we can give you realistic expectations or guide you another direction if this treatment is not suitable for you.

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