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Laser Hair Removal during the summer

It’s getting hot out there again! You are probably a busy bee making all of your summer plans which makes it easy to get distracted and forget the essentials!  One that should not be so easily forgotten is your hair removal treatments. Making those daunting appointments for waxing and shaving a couple times a week can be very irritating. Let’s face it; a lot of us don’t have time to spare! This is why Laser hair removal is vital to those times when you want to show some skin! Laser hair removal is a safe, non-invasive treatment that reduces the thickness of the hair by 85%!

If you make smart decisions and listen carefully to your laser technician, you should have no problem maintaining your smooth, hair free skin this season. Something you will definitely want to remember is this: if you must remove some hair between your laser appointments, you will want to do so by shaving. Waxing and tweezing will remove too much hair, and this will not allow for the laser to target and ruin the follicle during treatments. Shaving will simply cut down the hair without complete removal.

Next, please don’t forget to protect your precious skin. Make sure to wear a sunscreen or sun block with 30+ SPF. Wear a big summer hat to cover your face as well– there are many fashionable ways to protect that skin of yours. This will keep your skin from being too tanned, and the laser technician will have an easier time seeing your hair on your skin’s natural color. The technician can then simply target the pigment of the hair. It is important to remember that you must be out of the sun two weeks before and two weeks after your laser hair removal session. Not following the guidelines could potentially hyperpigmentation marks in your skin on the areas being treated.

That being said be good to your skin and apply that sunscreen! If you would like to schedule a fee consultation with us please call 713-960-6262 in Houston and 770-509-0000 in Atlanta. We have 13 convenient locations in Houston and Atlanta to serve you!

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