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Laser Hair Removal and Tanning – Pre and post treatment care

Keep Yourself covered. Don’t mix tanning with laser hair removal One of the key instructions for pre- and post-treatment care for laser hair removal is to avoid sun exposure and tanning. While following those instructions can be tricky dating the summer, they are important guidelines to follow to ensure an effective treatment.

For safety reasons, Amerejuve MedSpa does not treat clients who have been exposed to the sun or tanning beds during the two weeks prior to each treatment session. It is also strongly recommended to wait two weeks after each treatment before prolonged exposure to the sun or tanning beds.

full body laser hair removal houstonLaser hair removal reduces hair growth by targeting the hair follicle with light energy. This energy damages the hair, but the lasers are carefully (unheated to deliver energy to the hair and not the surrounding skin. However, skin that has been exposed to the sun or to a tanning bed will produce more melanin pigment, which attracts energy from the laser. That means that an otherwise safe treatment of laser hair removal may have an adverse reaction on skin that has been recently exposed to the sun or a tanning light. Similarly, sun exposure following the laser hair removal treatment can cause an adverse reaction now that the skin has been sensitized by the laser treatment. Adverse reactions can include hyper pigmentation, burns, and even scatting. This is why we caution to avoid sun exposure or tanning for two weeks before and two weeks after any laser hair removal treatment. We also cannot treat those who have taken light sensitizing, or photosensitizing, medications.

If you really want the tanned look, consider getting a spray tan after your treatment. You,/ just want to plan to have your skin back to your natural color in time for your next laser hair removal treatment to ensure best results and a safe treatment. Amerejuve also does not treat clients who are on antibiotics or pregnant.

To schedule a consultation or to ask questions about laser hair removal, call (713)960.6262.

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