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How much does liposuction cost?

Looking lean is associated with looking healthy, and many people turn to liposuction to achieve that svelte look. It can, however, be a costly procedure that’s typically not covered by health insurance plans. The average liposuction cost as of 2014 was $2,971, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, that was the price without factoring in anesthesia, operating room costs and any other expenses. Because of the high cost and lack of insurance coverage for the procedure, some surgeons offer financing plans, or financing can be arranged through a private lender.

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Shopping for the lowest-priced liposuction

While trying to get the best deal for your hard-earned money is perfectly normal, when it comes to a surgical procedure like liposuction, you should focus more on the surgeon’s reputation and experience than the price. Scars, dimpling, no results, or even worse types of disfigurement can result from choosing discount plastic surgery over experienced care from a more expensive seasoned surgeon. You may end up paying twice if a second surgery is needed to fix unwanted results from the first surgery.

Lipo alone or fix it all?

As recently as 2014, nearly a quarter of a million Americans had liposuction either as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with another type of body-contouring surgery like a tummy tuck or breast lift. As a standalone procedure, lipo can be done in several areas of the body at once, with a separate fee charged for each section of the body. The additional surgeries commonly done along with lipo drive the costs of getting work done higher, though the additional procedures increase the likelihood of ending up with the desired results.

Advanced liposuction technology

The use of advanced technology to complete the procedure also adds to the liposuction cost. Traditional liposuction involves the use of a tube-like vacuum tool inserted through small incisions that draws the fat cells out through the tube. Laser, ultrasound technology, and radio-frequency lipo cost more because they require higher levels of training and expertise from the surgeons, however, these advanced techniques have proven to be more effective than the traditional method.

A consultation with a plastic surgeon provides further information regarding costs as well as risks and benefits, additional options, and desired results. Liposuction is typically considered a viable option for healthy people of normal weight who have skin with good elasticity. Age, however, is not considered a major factor.

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