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Hormones and how they intertwine with beauty

Hormones are responsible for the vast majority of behavioral, emotional, and physical differences between the sexes, and this includes differences in skin, particularly as they relate to the way the skin changes and ages throughout life. Hormones have power over every cell in our bodies, and nowhere is that visible than in the skin. And we cannot ignore the interplay between hormone-related emotions and or sense of self-confidence.  Our appearance can truly be affected by our mood. We all know it’s difficult to project beauty and strength when a bombardment of hormone leaves us with an inexplicable feeling of impending doom.

The Major Hormones that impact our Skin, Hair, and Nails.

Estrogen: Used throughout the female body, estrogen maintains the health of the brain, blood vessels, reproductive organs, urinary tract, breasts, and bones and skin.

Melanin:   Stimulating hormone:  Secreted by the pituitary gland, this hormone regulates skin pigmentation.

Progesterone:  Serves many vital functions, such as maintaining pregnancy and regulating menstrual cycles.  It also has diuretic properties and enhances the beneficial effects of estrogen while preventing problems linked to estrogen excess such asUterine cancer.  In some people progesterone may cause moodiness.

Thyroid hormones:  The family of hormones secreted by the thyroid gland affects the metabolism of every cell in your body.  Imbalances in these hormones leads to weight gain or loss, body temperature fluctuations , depression , hairloss or hair growth, and dry skin. As we age, our thyroid hormones decrease.

Cortisol:  Produces by the adrenal glands, cortisol controls the stress response and glucose metabolism and impacts immune function. If you live a highly stressed life, the effects of cortisol can be very destructive, leading to sever strain on virtually all your organs.

Testosterone:  An anabolic hormone that builds and maintains bone and muscle mass, skin elasticity, sex drive, and cardio vascular health in both sexes.

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