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Get rid of unwanted hair growth ? Razor burn treatment

Do you get itchy razor bumps after shaving? Or maybe you feel like your hair grows back extremely fast… that was me until I started getting laser hair removal. They say the “perfect” candidate for laser hair removal is someone with a light complexion and dark thick hair because the laser actually targets the pigment in the hair to damage the follicle, preventing future hair growth. Although, rarely ever is anyone the “perfect” candidate because of hormones, genetics, and other factors that may cause us to produce more hair growth than others, a person will need 6 sessions or more. Not everyone is a good candidate for laser hair removal. If you have thin and/or blonde hair it is not suggested to get laser hair removal because again, the laser targets the pigment in the hair and even thin hair can be missed by the laser. 

Now let’s talk about treatment areas. You are probably wondering what areas are able to be treated when doing laser hair removal. Well, the answer is everything! We can laser any hair on your body that the laser can detect, of course, with the understanding that there are gauges that are used to determine the size of the shot. So as long as your desired area fits inside the gauge the hair can be lasered away. 

Good tips for laser hair removal are to always shave the area the day before, not the day of. This is so you can reduce the chances of having a reaction from the heat of the laser. Shaving the day before isn’t going to prevent a reaction 100% but you will definitely reduce the risk of one. After your treatment keep your core temperature at its normal temp. Do NOT go workout, sit in a sauna, or even do hot yoga. All of these are big no-no’s considering you just had laser done. You want your treated area to remain cool for the remainder of the day so that way you don’t overheat or irritate the treated area. If a reaction does occur be sure to contact your licensed laser tech and apply aloe gel to the area to sooth and cool. Most reactions are temporary and go away after a few hours! 

Stop waiting, stop shaving and go get your laser done today. You’re only sessions away from being hairless! 

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