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Facial Laser Hair Reduction

Facial laser hair reduction is a really good option for those with dark facial hair. It can be done anywhere on the face (lip, chin, sideburns, cheeks, forehead, in between eyebrows, nose, jawline) besides under the eyebrows above the eye.

Facial Laser Hair Removal Houston TXFacial laser hair reduction is a great method to remove those pesky hairs very easily. No less than 6 treatments are required for this process. After that, the face will require a bit of maintenance every couple of months as the face is a very hormonal area.

A few pre and post care methods to do during your series of laser treatments:

1. No antibiotics 14 days prior to your appointment. Antibiotics make the skin more light sensitive, which could cause burns or severe reactions. If you’re on any antibiotics, it is best to wait those 14 days after your last dose before doing any laser treatments.

2. Avoid long sun exposure 14 days before treatments and 14 days after treatments. If you’re planning on being outdoors during the day, it is best to wear sunscreen, and reapply every 2 hours. If you happen to tan in between treatments, it is best to wait until your natural skin tone is back, changing the pigment of the skin can cause a reaction with the laser. Tanning methods should be stopped before treatments as well (tanning sprays/creams/beds).

3. It is best to not tweeze, wax, or thread the face during your treatments to receive the best results. Doing any method other than shaving prolongs the active hair stages needed to get a good ZAP on those hairs. If you do any other methods besides shaving, it is best to wait 4 weeks before doing any laser treatments to ensure the hair is in a good active stage.

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