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Different Types of Acne Scars

The different types of acne scars are rolling, boxcars, and ice picks.  Some of them are hypertrophic or keloid.

These different types of Acne Scars presents with different challenges, in terms of treatment.  There is not one type of treatment modality that will take care of all the different types of scars.

However given time and patience the results can be satisfactory for the patient and the practitioner because the results are permanent provided that the acne is already established.

Case Studies…..

For the rolling and atrophic scars in this case, the treatment recommended would be first, begin with a session of subcision. Then this followed by micro needling or laser resurfacing.  One may also choose multi needle radio frequency.  In this case there is no need for HA fillers or micro fat grafting.  The box car Atrophic depression is often seen in the temple area.  In this case study the subcutaneous fat loss is substantial.  Micro needling, laser resurfacing or micro needle radio frequency are unlikely to produce much effect. The treatment choice here is punch or excision biopsy of the skin. In this case, Smaller ice pick scars should be treated with cross because they are solitary lesions that are quite far apart.

When it comes to finding the correct treatment for scars it’s always best to set up a consultation to go over your options and getting on a recommended medical grade at home skin care regimen. Also with anything that has to do with skin scars or no scars.  Treatment or no treatment a medical grade sunscreen is always a must.

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