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Trying to figure out which treatment would best suit you? Here I will explain the differences between the two treatments to help better guide you to what would work for your desired results!

Lets start with Coolsculpting

Its says alot about this service just in its name, its a treatment that involves the COLD! Coolsculpting freezes fat cells while naturally eliminating them. This is a targeted treatment for stubborn areas of squishy fat pockets. Using cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells in the targeted area. After the treatment your body will then start to naturally eliminate the frozen dead fat cells through the lympathic system which results up to 20-25% reduction in the area per session. Recommended 2 or more sessions for best results. A great lunchtime treatment and hardly any downtime!

Now lets talk Velashape

Velashape is the opposite of Coolsculpting, this treatment targets unwanted cellulite & helps tighten up skin laxity. The device uses heated rollers with Infared light and bi-polar Radio Frequency along with a vacuum suction causing the fat cells, the surrounding connective tissues and dermal fibers to be heated up at a deeper depth. With the amount ofheat that this treatment releases, the heat stimulates growth of new and rebuilt collagen and elastin which causes a reduction in the laxity of the skin along with body volume while also improving the overall appearance of skin texture. Velashape helps you achieve a more toned, smooth contoured body with typically a minimum of 3 treatments for best results. Another great lunchtime treatment with hardly any downtime!

These treaments are quite the opposite, one targets fat pockets while the other targets cellulite! I do always recommend a consultation to determine which treatment would give you the results you are longing for!

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