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Celebrity Aging

How do celebrities stay looking so young?

Celebrities are constantly photographed and critiqued, yet despite all the scrutiny, many of these famous men and women never seem to age. What’s the secret to anti-aging? Many celebrities aren’t telling, or they tout exercise and healthy eating. While these strategies certainly help make the body healthy, they’re rarely the only way celebrities stay looking young.

The best cosmetic procedures leave little evidence behind. Whether invasive or noninvasive, a successful procedure is the one that is invisible. Top plastic surgeons and estheticians strive to make clients look alert, refreshed, and youthful. The more secretive celebrities are about work they’ve had done, the more successful we suspect those procedures have been. Others openly discuss the touch-ups and procedures they’ve had.

Celebrity Aging: What do the Stars Say?

Sharon Osborne, 61, and Jenny McCarthy, 41, have both discussed the use of Botox to address lines and wrinkles. This treatment is popular for lines between the eyebrows and at the corner of the eyes, otherwise known as crow’s feet. Simon Cowell, 54, also talks freely about his Botox use. “To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste,” he told Glamour Magazine. “It works, you do it once a year – who cares?”

Kim Kardashian, 33, makes headlines with her curvaceous figure and beautiful face. On an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” she underwent a VelaShape treatment to treat her cellulite. This procedure uses Bi-Polar Radiofrequency and mechanical massage to smooth and shape trouble areas on the body. As a body contouring treatment, it helps men and women tailor the shape they want.

Actress Tatiana Ali, 35, has also tweeted about her love of VelaShape to keep her figure youthful and shapely.

TV personality Kate Gosselin, 39, became famous for having eight children, including a set of sextuplets. A plastic surgeon donated a tummy tuck to address the excess skin left from her pregnancy, and she’s often shown looking confident in bikinis and form-fitting clothes.

It’s likely that many celebrities get help from surgeons and medspas to look younger. With skilled providers and top technology, the effects are often phenomenal, natural-looking, and long-lasting. These procedures are no longer limited to men and women with a Hollywood budget – with affordable pricing and flexible payment plans, Amerejuve is dedicated to bringing luxury to Houston and Atlanta areas.

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