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Baby foot -vs- Pumice stone

You think Pumice stones are good for your feet? Well think again! Pumice stones are fabulous for those who love extra abrasive exfoliation but these stones may be causing more harm than good. Pumice stones can cause bleeding, cuts and soreness because of their very rough texture. Worse, they can host a great deal of bacteria and should be disposed of frequently in order to avoid infections. Why bother with such a headache! And a possible trip to the ER!

Baby foot will actually do the work for you! Just be prepared… are you ready for this?… you must relax for an hour and pour a glass of wine! Yes honey, sign me up!

Baby foot -vs- Pumice stone

So what is Baby foot? Essentially two plastic booties lined with gel made with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or fruit acids, including lactic, glycolic, and citric acids. These acids, along with 17 types of natural extracts such as lemon, grapefruit, sage, and ivy, penetrate into layers of dead skin cells and break down the desmosomes, or cell structures, that hold skin together. The extracts also have moisturizing effects, which helps your soles be baby soft.

How it works: You place the two plastic gel-filled booties on your feet (the company recommends soaking feet in warm water first, to soften them and increase absorption); sit with the booties on for an hour, preferably with socks over them (heat enhances the results); then rinse the gel away. Peeling should start 3 to 7 days later. Some experience extreme peeling but never fear, it is part of the process!

You can come to one of our Amerjuve clinics and experience the joy as an add-on service or take a few back home for friends and family. They will love you for it!

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