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Amerejuve Treats Common Benign Skin Growths

Contact us at 713-960-6262 to schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional for cosmetic treatment of skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasias, milia, and xanthelasmas.

Skin Tags TreatmentSKIN TAGS – The medical term for a skin tag is acrochordon.  These are benign skin tumors.  They can grow anywhere on the body, but typically grow within skin folds. Therefore, they are commonly seen on the neck, underarms (axillae), groin, and eyelids. Removal is not required, but many prefer to have them removed due to appearance or because they get irritated from rubbing on clothing or jewelry.


SEBACEOUS HYPERPLASIAS TREATMENTSEBACEOUS HYPERPLASIAS – These are up turned or enlarged oil glands.  They occur due to an over production of sebum or when sebum gets trapped in the oil gland.  Sun damage can worsen them. Sebaceous hyperplasias occur most often on the face.  They can be hereditary, caused by immune suppression, or a result of a genetic disorder.  Evaluation by a healthcare provider is recommended to confirm diagnosis prior to cosmetic treatment.


MILIA TREATMENTMILIA – These are very small cysts that form when keratin gets trapped under the skin. You have probably seen these in a newborn infant, but adults and children can get them too. Some people might say they have whiteheads that don’t go away or they can’t pop them. That’s because they are not a clogged pore, they are deeper in the skin.  Over time they may go away on their own, but when they do not go away cosmetic removal can be done.


XANTHELASMA TREATMENTXANTHELASMA – These are fatty deposits around the eyelids.  Commonly seen in patients that have underlying hyperlipidemia, but many seek treatment for cosmetic reasons.  Not realizing that a lipid disorder may be the underlying cause.

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