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Revision Rhinoplast

If you have had nasal surgery before and you are not happy with the results, read on to learn how Dr. Raghu Athré can help you achieve a satisfying outcome through revisionary rhinoplasty (nose surgery) at his Houston area practice.

Revision rhinoplasty is the formal term for surgery that reshapes and restructures the nose after previous nasal surgery and is the one of the most demanding and complex facial plastic surgeries. This type of surgery is exceptionally complex because previous nasal surgery causes a certain amount of scarring. If previous surgery was performed incorrectly, the scarring can significantly alter the shape of the nose and even adversely affect nasal airway breathing. Women and men in the Houston, Texas area choose rhinoplasty (nose surgery) revision with Dr. Raghu Athré because he is both a board-certified otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon.

Request a complimentary consultation online to learn more about revision rhinoplasty from Dr. Raghu Athré, or schedule your appointment by calling 281-557-3223.

Dr. Athré is available for select evening and weekend consultation appointments. If you are interested in meeting with him at one of these times, please call Lexi during our normal business hours for more information about his availability.


Anatomy of the Nose

The nose is composed of skin, bone and cartilage. Five cartilaginous structures and the nasal bones come together to form the structure of the nose. Skin and soft tissue then drape over this triangular structure. Rhinoplasty involves manipulating the bony, cartilaginous, and soft tissue elements to improve breathing, straighten the nose and air passages, and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the nose.


About Revision Rhinoplasty

The nose is the most defining feature of the face. The nose’s position on the center of the face underlines the importance of exacting, precise results. The nose can be improved by increasing or decreasing the overall size, removing an unwanted hump, changing the shape of the tip, narrowing the bridge, narrowing the width of the nostrils, or changing the angle between the nose and upper lip. Rhinoplasty can improve the balance between the nose and the face. Previous surgery with associated scar tissue and contracture can make the surgery even more difficult. This is the reason why it is imperative to consult with a surgeon who is experienced and specializes in the art and the science of revision rhinoplasty and primary rhinoplasty in the Houston area.


The Surgery

Revision rhinoplasty is mostly performed via an open approach because the open approach allows better visualization of all of the nasal structures. The open approach involves a small incision on the columella of the nose (the strip of skin between the nostrils). This incision fades away and is imperceptible within 6 to 8 weeks after surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty is an extremely complex procedure and is one of the specialties undertaken at Athré Facial Plastics.

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