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Computer imaging

Computer imaging is one of the newest technologies in the field of facial plastic surgery. Dr. Athré utilizes computer imaging for most of his facial surgery cases, including nose surgery (rhinoplasty). His Houston area patients benefit from this technology because they gain a better sense of what the results could look like.

Request a complimentary consultation online to learn more about cosmetic nose surgery from Dr. Raghu Athré, or schedule your appointment by calling 281-557-3223.

Dr. Athré is available for select evening and weekend consultation appointments. If you are interested in meeting with him at one of these times, please call Lexi during our normal business hours for more information about his availability.

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A “Sneak Peek” at Results

Computer imaging is especially popular for men and women, who visit Dr. Athré from nearby cities like Galveston and Houston, considering rhinoplasty because each one has a very different perspective of beauty. There are considerations such as ethnicity, skin type, and even facial anatomy that need to be weighed.

A nose that may look perfectly fine on a 5 foot 2 inch blond Caucasian female would definitely not look appropriate on a 6 foot tall ethnic female. Therefore, the computer-imaging program allows us to go through multiple variations of possibilities so that the patient and the physician can both be on the same page with respect to what is desired and what can be accomplished.

Imaging Performed by Dr. Athré

One of the things that is unique to Athré Facial Plastics is that Dr. Athré does all of his own computer imaging. At many other practices, computer imaging will be performed offsite or even by nurses and other ancillary personnel. The problem with this is that the surgeon is the only person who can evaluate the patient and realistically determine what can be accomplished in the OR. Some limitations may be anatomic considerations such as prominent nasal bones or lack of cartilaginous strength.

All of these variables come together to formulate a surgical plan. Computer imaging is provided complimentary during the initial consultation and is a very useful too in determining perspective results especially in rhinoplasty.

Dr. Athré looks forward to meeting with you and helping you learn more about nose surgery.
Request a complimentary consultation online with him or schedule your appointment by calling 281-557-3223.

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