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Blinking, smiling, crying, and squinting. These are just a few of the motions that the human eyes experience frequently. The delicate nature of the muscles of the eyes show signs of aging and weakening faster than other parts of the body, so using the proper products and techniques to strengthen and repair these effects should be high importance in your skincare regimen.

With the abundance of eye creams on the market, knowing which one to choose can be daunting. Where do you start? When do you begin using eye cream in your skincare routine? Which one is the best for me?

Breaking it down:

Hydrated skin has no age restrictions. All types and ages need hydration in order to shine bright. With the eye area lacking sebaceous glands, you don’t get that added little perk of natural oils to the area.

Roll out the red carpet! Alas, eye cream shot to fame!

For those 28 and under, hydration is key! Keeping your under-eye and lateral-eye areas hydrated can dramatically decrease premature aging. Vitamin C and E are key components in brightening up eyes and hiding those dreaded dark circles!
Our recommendation: SkinMedica TNS Illuminating Eye Cream for a youthful, bright eye complexion!

On the flip-side, those 29 and upwards begin to experience a lack of collagen and elastin fibres. Now would be the time to begin a more rigorous routine when dealing with the eyes. Using products like squalene (reduces wrinkles, lightens dullness and reverses UV damage), Hyaluronic acid (reduces water loss, resulting in smoother skin texture, improved appearance of sun damaged skin, and increased skin volume.) Peptides are also another hero ingredient, acting as messengers, giving signals to the skin to produce collagen.
Our recommendation: SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair, packed with Peptides and growth factors to improve elasticity and firmness, hydrate and nourish skin and diminish crow’s feet. This product also promotes healthy cell renewal.

Useful information for superior results:
-Store your eye creams and serums in a cooler environment. The chilled product will reduce puffiness when applied.
-Apply a pea-sized drop to middle finger and warm it before application. This will allow for better absorption.
-When applying eye cream, focus on the bottom of the eye sockets and work outward towards the lateral portion of the eye.

What are your favorite eye creams, and why?
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