Building Trust and Confidence in Your Esthetician!

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An esthetician is a skin care specialist who is highly- trained to administer treatments and provide information regarding
the beautification and care of the skin.

Your skin is unique and exclusive. We get one body, so choosing an Esthetician who is knowledgeable, sincere and dedicated to you and the genuine success of your treatments is of utmost importance. The right esthetician can be the difference between great skin and not-so-great skin.

After researching the education, experience and licensing of your preferred Esthetician, it is time to begin the journey to confidence and satisfaction, together. Your esthetician should observe your skin and ask you questions at the beginning of your facial or spa treatment no matter what. Your Esthetician should be devoted to your needs and wants from the treatment plan that has been custom-designed for you. Critical thinking skills are also a factor in determining if you have chosen a professional and beneficial partnership to reach your goals and objectives. Your Esthetician should possess the ability to effectively and confidently weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each segment of your exclusive treatment plan from procedures to products to aftercare instructions and then beyond into follow-up and conclusion.

Cleanliness isn’t just about a pretty spa. It is about the discipline and pride that your Esthetician possesses. Plain and simple, if your provider is satisfied with a sub-par working environment, it would be assumed that he or she is also not dedicated to the longevity and success of their business. You, as well as your preferred provider should be on the same page when it comes to the atmosphere and dignity of your spa, and you should always feel safe and comfortable when you are under the care of the facility.

Your Esthetician should be able to inform you about services and products the spa offers- accurately and confidently. Many treatments and procedures reach optimal results with the aid of products that are designed specifically to enhance your skincare regimen. The spa should diligently research products before obtaining and recommending the brand, in order to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness for the clients. There should be educational materials on all endorsed products and services available. Be informed! The esthetician should be recommending these products, along with informative guidelines for their use. “An artist is only as successful as the tools he uses.” You deserve elite treatment, don’t settle for mediocrity.

When confronted with the following situations, you should reevaluate the professionalism and integrity of the spa and provider. Avoiding these red-flags can potentially save time and money during your search for the best possible fit for you and your skincare needs.

1. The provider doesn’t ask you questions-
If your esthetician doesn’t ask you any questions, this is a huge red flag. When you arrive for your treatment, the provider should be proactive in finding the best possible solution to your specific objectives. By asking you direct questions, the esthetician is obtaining valuable information that could be utilized for your benefit. The more they know about your routines, desires and obstacles; the more effectively they can gauge, implement and monitor your personalized plan.
2. They do not recommend an at-home regimen following your visit – Your esthetician should always professionally recommend an at-home skin care agenda to follow. These product recommendations are crucial to help maintain the great results of the treatment you just received, as well as to extend the results far between facial visits.
3. They seem distracted- Does your esthetician listen to your questions and give you thoughtful answers and insight? If the answer is no, your esthetician could be distracted – a big no-no when it comes to treating your skin. If your esthetician is distracted they are much more likely to make mistakes during your treatment, which could lead to irritation, pain or injury. A good esthetician will focus their mind and energy on you and only you during a treatment.


Your skincare needs are very important, and should be a priority to you and your provider. Neglecting to research the best available options for your specific needs could cost you valuable time and money.

What has been the biggest challenge in finding the right fit for you?

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